Alpha Arbutin

Latin Name :Vaccinicum vitis-idaea L.


CAS: 497-76-7

Product Description

  Latin Name :   Vaccinicum vitis-idaea L.
  Specification:   98%
  CAS:   497-76-7
  EINECS No. :   207-850-3
  Molecular Formula:   C12H16O7
  Molecular Weight :   272.2512
  Testing Methord:   HPLC
  Place of origin:   Shaanxi Province , China
  Apperance:   White needle crystal or powder
  Shelf life:   24 months


  1. arbutin will relieve and dispell chloasma, melanin, acne ect;
  2. arbutin has good effects of sterilization and relieving cough;
  3.  arbutin used to alleviate pain of burn and scald,enhancing immune fuction;
  4.  arbutin can promote skin elasticity, retaining skin moisture and slowing down aging skin;
  5. arbutin with the function of restraining the activity of tyrosinase; preventing the formation of melanin.


  1. Applied in cosmetic field, beta arbutin is mainly used in facial masks and esssence to whiten, eliminate wrinkles and dispelling spot;
  2. Applied in phamaceutical field, beta arbutin is usually made into capsule to enhance organism immunity,sterilization and relieve cough.