Carrot Powder

Products name: Carrot Powder
Type: Herbal Extract
Grade Standard: Food Grade
Appearance:Light Orange powder
Packaging:1kg/bag,Sterilization double plastic bags inside, with aluminium foil bag outside; 25kg/fiber drum, Sterilization double plastic bags inside;
Test method: TLC

Product Description


Recognized to have functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, caducity resistance, etc., and it can improve immunity of AIDS patients.

An important pigment and confirmed as nutritious food additive.

Can be used as intensifying agent for lipid foods such as  margarine salad oil and benne oil to help beta carotene absorption by human body.

Cntains abundant amino acid, vitamin, natural wet factor, microelement and other bioactive substances. Cosmetics (lipstick, kermes, etc.) added with beta carotene present natural and full color and luster and protect skin.

Can improve growth rate and flesh quality of animals, reproductivity of cattle, horse and pig, color and luster of red fish and shrimp, and darken color of bird’s egg.



Can be used to make capsules, tablets, medicaments, ointments and so on.


Can be used to make facial mask, skin care products, gelatin, etc.

Food addition

Can be used to make food and beverage additives