Fructus arctii extract

Product name: Fructus arctii extract

Specification: Arctiin 10%-20%,40%  great burdock root extract

Test method: HPLC

Appearance: Brown powder

CAS No.: 20362-31-6

Molecular Formula: C27H34O11

Molecular Weight: 534.552

Packge:25KG/Drum,1KG/Aluminum foil bag

Product Description


1.Anti-tumor effect, burdock aglycone have anticancer activity;
2.Burdock contains antibacterial ingredients, the main anti-staphylococcus aureus;
3.Anti-nephritis activity, it has effective treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis;
4.Promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol, reduce toxins and waste accumulation in the body, prevent and treat functional constipation;
5.Burdock contains inulin, the water extract significantly reduced blood glucose in long time, increased the amount of carbohydrate tolerance.

1.Applied in food field, burdock is regarded as good nutrition and health of high value vegetables;
2.Applied in health product field, burdock tea can eliminate toxins, nutritional supplement, adjust the balance, suitable for many people to drink;
3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, burdock root contains a variety of essential amino acids in higher levels, especially those with special pharmacological effects.