Product Name :Lutein
Plant Source:Tagetes erecta L.
Specification: 8%-80%
Apperance: Brown to orange yellow powder
Packing: 1kg,25kgs
Shelf life: 2 years

Product Description


  1. Lutein is the retina, macula can not be a major component of material loss
  2. Prevent the physiological structure and function of the eye mutation
  3. It is a potent antioxidant, absorbing ultraviolet and blue. Eyes light poisoning treatment
  4. It has a vasodilator function can improve retinal blood circulation and promote the supply of nutrients ,can prevent the occurrence of a disease caused by the human body due to organ aging, and prevention of cell aging.


  1. Marigold  flower extract can prevents the vision which the senile eyeball retina yellow spot degeneration causes to drop with loses one’s sight.
  2. Marigold  flower extract can resist the free radical to create the cell and the organ damage in the human body, thus may prevent the organism senile initiation the cardiovascular, coronary disease and tumor disease.
  3. Marigold  flower extract can also widely applied in food coloring,medical intermediate and feed additives.