Rhodiola rosea extract

Latin Name: Rhodiola roseal L.

Active Ingredient: Salidroside;Rosavin;Tyrosol

Specification: Salidroside 1%  Salidroside 3%  Salidroside 5%  Salidroside 10%  Salidroside 20%

Appearance: Brown red powder

Test Method: UV/HPLC

Packing        :1Kg,25Kgs

Shelf life       :2 year

Product Description

Rhodiola extract is a plant in the Crassulaceae family that grows in cold regions of the world. These include much of the Arctic, the mountains of Central Asia, the Rocky Mountains, and mountainous parts of Europe, such as the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathian Mountains, Scandinavia, Iceland, Great Britain and Ireland. The perennial plant grows in areas up to 2280 meters elevation. Several shoots grow from the same thick root. Shoots reaches 5 to 35 cm in height. Rhodiola rosea is dioecious – having separate female and male plants.
Rhodiola has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is called hóng jǐng tiān. Rhodiola rosea may be effective for improving mood and alleviating depression. Pilot studies on human subjects showed that it improves physical and mental performance, and may reduce fatigue.

 Main Function

• Enhancing immunity and delaying aging;

• Resisting radiation and tumor;

• Regulating nervous system and metabolism, effectively limiting melancholy feeling and mood, and promoting mental status;

• Protecting cardiovascular, dilating coronary artery, preventing coronary arteriosclerosis and arrhythmia.