Witch Hazel Extract

Product Name: Witch Hazel Extract

Specifications: 4:1, 10:1

Appearence: Light-Yellow Powder

Packaging: Foli Bag/ Paper Drum/Carton

MOQ: 1kg

Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days

Payment: T/T  West Union

Shelf Time: 2 year 

Product Description

1.Acne and blemishes: Witch Hazel helps shrink, dry up and clear blemishes by acting as a topical anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent;
2.Hemorrhoids: Witch Hazel helps to shrink, soothe, and stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids, which are really just a form of varicose veins;
3.Eye puffiness: Witch Hazel is a common ingredient in homemade eye creams to reduce bags and puffiness in the eye area by shrinking the delicate tissue;
4.Sunburn: The anti-inflammatory effects of Witch Hazel are particularly helpful for managing the effects of sunburn and minimizing peeling;
5.Underarm Odor: Witch Hazel is antimicrobial and is effective as an underarm deodorant particularly if someone is sensitive to baking soda;
6.Bug Bites: Applying Witch Hazel with a cotton ball to bug bites is very effective for reducing itching and swelling.  It also encourages a faster healing time;
7.Dandruff: Gallic acid in Witch Hazel is an effective anti-fungal.  Dandruff is a candida related condition, which is why topical application to the scalp works so well for controlling its flaky effects.

Applied in functional food field, health care products field, cosmetic field and pharmaceuticals field.